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From excessive weight gain (30 ish pounds) to weight loss where I was too small to cycle normally, I have found a balance that works for me and have been able to help others with that same. If this speaks to you, be sure connect & apply <3

#BeWellTribe Wellness Community

You're here because you're ready to get support nutritionally or with your fitness (and your mindset) and I'm SO excited over here!!! 

Join my online wellness accountability and follow the same program that helped me lose my baby weight, stay healthy, and gain a much needed mindset overhaul all from home. You will get my support with whatever journey you choose according to what your goals are. Apply here and I will get back to you within 24 hours. I cannot wait to help you change your life!

You can look forward to...

✓ Workouts done at home

✓ Easy to follow meal plan

✓ Daily check in's & tips for your fitness, nutrition, & mindset

✓ Weekly virtual workouts

✓ Results or refunded

I Want to Get & Stay Healthy....BUT

...I need a different workout than that one, or no workout at all

Maybe that workout isn't for you but you KNOW you gotta do something, again you do you boo, we have 40 PLUS workouts that I as a coach can pair you with.  By answering a few questions for me, I can give you options and explanations. You'll have access to any programs I mention to try them before you commit to the one you want to do for the next 3-8 weeks (yep each program has a calendar to follow - easy peasy!)

Apply still, same link as above, and I'll get in touch with you on next steps so I can best help you! 



If you already have a Team Beachbody Coach, or have ordered anything from the Beachbody Website, you likely have a coach and you may not know it.

Tamara works with Integrity. If you have a coach, stay with Him/Her. If you go to or click any of the links above and you see someone other than Tamara at the top left, then you have a different coach. Stick with them unless it's truly someone you don't know, then you may submit a coach change request *** so Tamara can be your coach and you can be involved in her online community support:  Be Well Community

*** When requesting a change, Tamara's email on the coach account and coach ID are and 1456352


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