February Love your BODy with Us!

fitness Jan 22, 2020
February is coming up closer than we may think - if you're struggling to keep on track with your wellness goals, then I encourage you to be sure you are signed up for our tracker app group!!! It's our virtual accountability group on a free app from that goes right along with your Beachbody on Demand workouts and 2B Mindset/ Ultimate Portion Fix nutrition.
What we've found from talking with many of those in our wellness community is that the app has helped you stay focused better on your goals.  
Here's a post from a current member!

This link has a short video summary of the app & a sign up for the group:
What's included?
  • The app  see the video in the link for how cool it is
  • Log your workout automatically by syncing BOD (we can get you set up with this if you don't have it)
  • Log your nutrition 
  • Log your daily shake
  • Weekly check in prizes
  • Weekly meal plans
  • Daily accountability/posts about...
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Fear of Coaching.

business coach Jan 19, 2020

I'm having some amazing women coming to to me, hopping on phone calls and discussing their needs for physical health, emotional health, an outlet from motherhood, money for their family, theyare ready to sign up and be a part of our amazing Team Beachbody Team, Be Well Tribe,  and then fear hits.

  • Fear that you won't "find enough people to help"
  • Fear that you don't know enough yet about the products we offer so you can't obviously "sell them"
  • Fear what your spouse & friends will think

Trust me girl, I had all those fears (and more), and I've found that none of them really mattered. I know WAY easier to say than to believe...but hear me out,  what mattered was this...

  • I wanted a job that I liked.
  • I wanted flexibility.
  • I wanted to feel appreciated for my work.
  • I wanted to work on my own personal growth
  • I did not want to dread time away from my kids for work that I did not enjoy.

I had goals - big goals!

  • Retire Neal from corporate America (done - yes he'll be...
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Holiday Hall Pass

fitness Dec 26, 2019

If you're trying to stay completely on track between now and NYE, don't. Being over committed can lead to stress, stress affects your thoughts, choices and behaviors, all this can cause you to gain weight.

So instead try these 5 holiday helpers via our a Holiday Hall Pass

Let's get you started - rush order your 3 day kit if you want to do it Jan 1st

For the full Virtual Bootcamp, take 10 minutes and fill out this customized recommendation form and I, Tamara, will be in touch with you shortly!



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3 Day Santa Slim Down

transformation Dec 19, 2019

Earlier this month these friends LOST weight and they have kept it off all month!  Most adults gain an average of 1 pound between mid-November and mid-January… and never lose that extra baggage.

But not us! Not this year! I want to invite you to ditch the “new year, new me” mentality and start working on being the healthiest and happiest version of you right now!


JOIN US for our post holiday slim down - get your kit now:  3 Day Cleanse Kit

Or take a few minutes to fill out this customized recommendation form and get a REAL custom recommendation right from me! No obligations to join, this is just so I know your goals and can suggest a money saving kit just for you!


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Santa Slimdown Cookies

recipe Dec 12, 2019

We're officially into our Santa Slim Down challenge!  If you've not joined into the group yet, there's time, I just need to know more about your goals first and your interest - go here


I want to share with you one of the recipes we'll have in the group later this month...because let's face it, you likely have been invited to a holiday gathering (or two or three) just like I have been, you're trying to maintain or even lose weight but these dang cookie exchanges, they're getting you!  Fear not! I have a few solutions. 


First, show up after having eaten a solid meal.  One loaded with about 50% veggies and 50% protein, skip carbs bc I want to you to save a carb for a cookie - duh!

Next, make a cookie that's a little healthier, because Cookies. Cakes. Pie. They’re everywhere.


No matter how hard you’re working to stay on the healthy path, it can be nearly impossible to avoid these sweet temptations. Luckily, you can...

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Santa Slimdown Challenge

fitness transformation Dec 06, 2019

Wow! Can you believe we’re heading into the final month of the decade?!

2019 is coming to an end and for a lot of people, the holiday season means overeating and exercise abandonment. Most adults gain an average of 1 pound between mid-November and mid-January… and never lose that extra baggage.

My husband, myself and about 15 others decided to get a head start on getting rid of the extra baggage with Beachbody's 3 day cleanse and wow! Most lost 2-4 pounds.  Neal lost 3, I lost 4, and we're keeping our healthier habits of less caffeine, more whole foods & lots of water.  

So again, most adults gain an average of at least 1 pound this time of year. But not us! Not you! Not this year! I want to invite you to ditch the “new year, new me” mentality and start working on being the healthiest and happiest version of you right now with our Santa Slim Down Challenge! We’re setting goals in December because the...

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this is working for my health!

 Shoo this week has been a doozy for me personally! I got some sort of stomach bug on Tuesday that took me out! Thankfully, my husband also works from home as a Beachbody Coach with me, so I could rest while he took care of our 2.5 and 5 year old on our FIRST SNOW DAY! I mean half of me hates that I missed it bc I was laying in bed and the other half is like didn't have to freeze your butt off this year in the snow!  Normally that's ALL ME bc in years past, my husband has always worked outside of the home at his corporate job on snow days.

To say I am grateful he now works with me, well that's a major gratitude in my life this week. He totally stepped up and took care of the family!

I have been doing a workout program called 6 Weeks of the Work, and I just wanted to share a little bit about my journey of it with you.

So prior to this program, I had completed MM100 (Morning Meltdown 100) and while I LOVED that no workout repeated, the music was upbeat and fun,...

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Fit Friday - the Cleanse Quiz!

Let's talk about cleanses. I actually had to have a hard discussion with my spouse, Neal, about cleansing. He finds cleansing, like our 3 Day Refresh quite easy and very helpful, whereas I find it OMG YOU'RE TELLING ME I CANNOT EAT THIS CHOCOLATE RIGHT NOW!?!  BUT bc I know they are good for me after doing research, I have learned to LOOOOVE cleansing my body quarterly.  And these are my results when I do the 3 day cleanse:

Some of the research I did that helped me lead me to these conclusions:  

  1. These cleanse diets don’t just eliminate junk from your diet — they also focus on fueling your body with nutrient-rich foods that support your natural detoxification processes.
  2. “There’s a ton out there in the media about what cleanses and detoxes are and what they’re supposed to do, but with the cleanses from my company (we have 2) a cleanse is really about putting clean burning fuel into your body to allow it to do the work...
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November 1 Fit Friday Finds: Gratitude, Partners, & Peppermint!

Happy November! If you've wanted to join into the wellness thing, but you just can't motivate yourself, maybe doing it with a friend can help!  I'll share more in a minute, but wanted to sum up the goodness you're about to get right from this blog here!

  1. Healthy Body + Grateful Heart ... some Partner accountability 
  2. A book of meal ideas to rock your socks off, the chicken & white bean soup, dijon salmon & dark chocolate sea salt Shakeo treat and more than a dozen other recipes - I mean you're going to want to check it out!
  3. A Shakeology inspired transformations - YES you can be your healthiest not just by sweating a ton in a workout, but by fueling your body too!
  4. Recipe: Peppermint Mocha

I’ll get right to’re invited to join my November support and accountability group: The Healthy Body + Grateful Heart Challenge! You’ll get access to the Netflix of workouts, meal plans, healthy recipes for the holidays, nutrition support, your...

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5 Halloween Inspired Candy Recipes for You - Week of Sneaky Treats

nutrition recipes Oct 07, 2019

For the last 4 years I have been helping people curb their candy cravings around this holiday & I'm back at it strong!!!

Ready for some recipes that will get your sweet tooth satisfied WITHOUT the sugar rush/crash or kill your health goals!?!

In the FULL ON Week of Sneaky Treats group, we are sharing recipes that taste like the best freaking desert you’ve ever made, only they are shhhhhh loaded with superfoods, some veggies, fruit and are healthy - but WHAT they taste straight up like the candy bar - I know, sneaky, right!?! We will share smoothies and we will be sharing non-smoothie things like pancakes, bars, pb cups, energy bites, and so much more!

BUT before the group ever kicks off, I want to share with you some of my TOP recipes for Healthier Holiday Candies!

I also want to share with you, you can easily hop into Week of Sneaky Treats RIGHT HERE:

It’s only $30 to join and with that you get:

  • 7 different packets of the superfoods shake mix...
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