Family Friendly Foods

Uncategorized Sep 20, 2018
We all have to eat. Our picky spouses have to eat, our picky kids have to eat, our picky selves have to eat.  Food is going to be there, but how to pick the right foods and still give your family a good variety in nutrition, now that's where most of us struggle.


I have found a few things to be true. If you let them pick the food, they will eat it.  BUT if you make them try the food...guess what, they might eat it too.  This was true for our daughter who didn't like spaghetti squash the first 3 times she tried it, but the next time, she asked for it and enjoyed it when I had it on my plate!


One way I help my family to pick the food is I show them pictures of some meals we could make and then I go from there once they find one they love (those of you who have Beachbody On Demand, I love using Fixate cooking show for this).  If you don't, then go to Pinterest, make a board with foods you want your family to choose from and ask them to pick their favorites!


Here's a link to some amazing family friend food ideas such as mac'n cheese, meatballs, chicken fingers & 40 other recipes you can try to get your kiddos to try!



Here's some other meals that our family really loves.


I have a husband who never used to eat vegetables and a toddler who likes to pick onion and peppers off of her pizza, but in other dishes she loves them in there, like in this turkey chili we ALL love as a family.






Another great dish that sneaks in healthy foods through clean protein are these pancakes or muffins - if you don't have the Shakeology, use any protein you have on hand, my second favorite for these can be found at Target and is Tone It Up protein.



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