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You'd like to join the tribe as a coach and wellness mentor yourself, or at least you're thinking about it, right ?! ✓ 

Great! You're in the right spot!

As a Beachbody Coach since 2015,  Tamara's been investing in her mindset and in her business consistently and wants to give back to you and help you do the same!  Truly this business is easy, but it does require work - daily consistent work in connecting with people and mindset work.

Here's a few things to know as a coach (as taken from her learning via "Get Over Your Damn Self" by Romi Neustadt)

  1. This is a people-centric business.  Remember you'll be talking to a lot of people as a coach
  2. This business requires consistent activity. Romi says at least 10 hours. Do you have 10 hours you'd spend weekly to transform your life?
  3. This business is simple. But you have to be coachable and willing to learn the simple system. Are you coachable?

You say yes to these (obviously) then make a great biz for yourself and get started!

Fill out your name and email and I'll be emailing you with videos that share more AND instantly providing you a link to join into a Snoop Group where you can OBLIGATION FREE see if this and our team is a fit for you!



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