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Uncategorized Sep 20, 2018

As many of you know, I'm on the go this week, so I've been doing my best to stay closer to my nutrition, but still allowing myself some wiggle room, because I'm ALL ABOUT that 80/20 rule - especially around the Holidays!


So I made this blog post with some of the helpful things I've learned from Portion Fix nutrition and other coaches about eating on the go, but here's my top 3 take aways.


1. Carry clean snacks with you (Lara Bars, Nuts, Shakeology, Apples, little packets of nut butter - Justins mmm, carrots if you have a cooler bag)

2. Understand your portions ahead of time because you've seen them enough, or BRING your containers with you if you follow portion fix like I do, don't be ashamed to put your food in them at a restaurant friend, this is YOUR LIFE - no judgment zone!

3. Water, water water.  When you're on the go, drink lots of water!


If you're ordering from a restaurant, here's some tips

  1.  For some things like sandwiches or burgers - go bunless or just take the top bun/bread off and you'll still have a delicious meal. 

  2.  For dinners and lunches I like to make it basic and stick to lots of veggies (ask if they are sauté in butter first, butter's not terrible but you just don't want your veggies loaded with it) for meats, ask them to be broad, baked, grilled or steamed.  

  3. Load up on the water. Drink a glass before your meal and you won't mistake thirst for hunger

  4. If you're going for dessert, just share with the table or have some fruit or a small cup of ice cream <3 #8020Rule friends

  5. Plan ahead, look up the menu before hand if possible.  For a quick reference when I'm going out to popular places, I like to check this post:   What Food Experts Order When They Eat Out

  6. Sparkling water before and in between drinks is your best friend! This will keep you from over drinking on alcohol 


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