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Top 5 Things To Do As A New Coach!

coaching Aug 06, 2019

So, you have decided to make the jump to becoming a Beachbody coach! First off: CONGRATS! This is an amazing journey you're on & I am so excited for you! 

While it's exciting, I am sure you're wondering: "what do I do next?!" & girl let me tell you.. you have came to the right place! 

Having been apart of this company for the past 4 years I have learned A LOT! & I want to share that with you! 

So, let's jump into my Top 5 Things To Do As a New Coach! 

HAVE FUN!  When you are exuding energy that is high vibe, you're more likely to bring better energy in. So whatever gets you excited about your business, and in my world if that's your workout, your meet up with your team, your meal prepping, your smoothie, or just your good read of personal development or playing on social media...whatever excited you about your day, that's what you share about! This is vita behavior being a product of your product!

Grow yourself.  Be working on yourself most when you first start as a coach with our team.  Whatever nutrition, fitness, mindset plan your coach and you decided on, go ALL IN with it and use it to help fuel your #1...that high vibe energy! This is vital behavior personal development.

Be open.  Be open to learning new social media tips like delivering value to your current audience - those friends that already know like and trust you in real life and on social media. By catering to those you already vibe with, you're going to grow them and your business.. Be open to letting your coach help you with conversations. Be open towards others by sharing proudly what you're doing. This is vital behavior of inviting & following up.

Be kind!  Give a shout out to yourself when you complete a week of your nutrition plan and workout - girl if you did 1 week of 21 Day Fix Real Time and followed Ultimate Portion Fix nutrition - you are a FREAKING ROCKSTAR...even if I also made you eat a cookie and drink a White Claw with me...totally off plan ;) bc BALANCE!  And shout out those in the group that are kicking butt - no matter if that's a coach you're seeing and loving what she's doing/sharing or a member of the fitness community who is showing up with those sweaty selfies - shout them out via a private message or nod in your story. This is vital behavior of recognition.

Sell something.  Yes ANYTHING - seriously it will make you FEEL SO GOOD to serve someone with the gift you were given too! And once you start to help others, it will be a ripple effect for you!  Most of the time, the first few people that purchase from you are your friends & family - those closest to you. Offer the same challenge pack you got bc that's relatable, you can send them the short video from the One Pager in our new coach training tools that show what our fitness + nutrition looks like and simply say, "this is what I am starting too, this short video explains, so watch this real quick, and tel me what benefits you heard that sound like they would be the most important for you personally?"   From there we can asses their needs - do they struggle nutritionally, want the community, are excited about exercise or feel like they want to be but think it'll be too hard - once you know what they say, ask your coach to help you give a recommendation!

  • Examples struggling nutritionally, what about 2B Mindset, Ultimate Portion Fix, Shakeology or at minimum just a week of Clean Week
  • Maybe they need more veggies - Daily Sunshine or Shakeology + Power Greens Boost.
  • Maybe they've been talking about wanting to workout, start them off with a 3 Month Beachbody on Demand + tub of Energize to get them going.
  • If they loved what they saw from the video about a challenge pack, get them on the Annual BOD and Shako!

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Just allow your coach to help!

XOXO- Tamara 


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